Paper Money of Chihuahua

.. by Simon Prendergast

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$5 dos caritas - Maverick-Clarke

These were 200,000 notes printed by Maverick-Clarke and dispatched on 8 May 1914. These are Series C, numbered 1 to 200000. They have larger printed signatures of Treasurer Vargas and Interventor Muñoz.

Some early notes are known with just a rubber-stamp circular black Tesorería seal on back. The number range is 2313 to 131573. These are either
(a)     issued at the very beginning before the Villistas asked for their notes to be restamped with the Ejército Constitucionalista seal to encourage acceptance
(b)     notes that missed out on the revalidating process, or
(c )    counterfeits. Examples are known with resellos but counterfeits often passed such examinations.

The others have a scalloped blue Ejército Constitucionalista seal and Type 1 vertical control letters on the face and a rubber circular black Tesorería seal on back. The recorded sequence is:

I- 1 10000
II- 10001 20000
III- 20001 30000
IV- 30001 40000
V- 40001 50000
VI-I 50001 60000
VII- 60001 70000
VIII-T 70001 80000
IX-A 80001 90000
X-S 90001 100000
XI- L 100001 110000
XII-E 110001 120000
XIII-G 120001 130000
XIV-A 130001 140000
XV-L 140001 150000
XVI-I 150001 160000
XVII-S 160001 170000
XVIII-T 170001 180000
XIX-A 180001 190000
XX-S 190001 200000

so the solution is LEGALISTAS, though the Constitutionalists did not usually describe themselves in this way‘Legalistas’ is used to refer to the rightful opponents of Huerta in La Voz de Sonora, 20 February 1914, in Vida Nueva, 6 May 1914 and in Maytorena’s apologia, Memorias del Gral. José María Maytorena sobre su actuación política. 1907-1918, Los Angeles, 1918, and the code letters probably actually started with VI-I.

The February 1916 report to the Carrancista government, which only listed the Maverick-Clarke issues, states that the Villistas began to overstamp the $5 notes on 8 July 1914 and finished on 15 July 1914AGN, Fondo Gobernación Periodo Revolucionario, caja 61, exp 24.

By May 1915 people in Zacatecas were refusing to accept $1, $5 and $10 dos caritas with a black rubber seal, claiming they were counterfeit, and on 24 May the government printed a thousand circulars ordering their acceptance AMZ, caja 14, exp 17, folio 24.


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