Paper Money of Chihuahua

.. by Simon Prendergast

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Home Documents Chihuahua - sabanas and dos caritas Miners' contract with the Villa Government, Chihuahua, 19 March 1915

Miners' Contract with the Villa Government, Chihuahua, 19 March 1915

In the City of Chihuahua on the 19th of March, 1915, there met, for one part, Citizen Attorney Francisco Escudero, in charge of the Department of the Treasury and Public Works, in representation of the Provisional Government of General Francisco Villa, Chief of Operations of the Conventionist Army, and the Citizen General Fidel Avila, Governor and Military Commandant of the State of Chihuahua, in representation of said State; and, for the other part, the three signers as representatives of the mining and smelting industries in the said State; with the object  of celebrating the contract which is set forth in the following clauses:

First. The representatives of the mining and smelting industries voluntarily accept the increased taxes on precious metals in the terms of the decree of this date issued by the Citizen General Francisco Villa, and, for their part, propose the following conditions, which the functionaries above mentioned accept in all of its parts.

Second. No other decree or additional law will be promulgated during the term of six months to count from this date, whether it be of a general or special nature, which may  have for its object the increase of the taxes affecting the mining and smelting industries, or any of their branches exempt to the present from said taxes.

Third. There will be no increase in importation duties on merchandise or articles for the use of the mining or smelting industries; neither will there be established a tax on said merchandise or articles which have been exempted to the present from said taxes.

Fourth. The State of Chihuahua, through the medium of the Governor, agrees that no new taxes which affect directly or indirectly the above-mentioned industries will be imposed, neither will those already existing be increased, and this during the term of six month s  counted  from this date; neither will the municipalities or other entities of the State be permitted to establish taxes, whether general or special, that affect the said industries, exception being made of  those which existed during the year 1914.

Fifth. The representatives of the mentioned industries agree to purchase from the State Treasury, or from the branches of the same, the legal money they may need for the operation of their business, in those cases where they find it convenient to do so, at the current rate of exchange in the market.

For the effects of this contract there is attached a copy of the decree which is referred to in Clause First.

Minister of Finance in Mexico.

Military Governor of Chihuahua.

For the Miners and Smelters Operators Association.
[and representatives of nine other mining companies.]


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